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Blue Orchid Moisture Treatment

The extract of the Blue Orchid is from a plant native to southeast Asia where it stands for female beauty. Blue Orchid extract had been cherished for hundreds of years due to its regenerative and protective effect. Orchids also stand for longevity due to their extreme resistance towards environmental influences and their virtually invisible aging. The extract has gained increasing importance in cosmetics due to its conditioning properties and its cell-regeneration effect. It stimulated the vitality of the skin and has a hydration and antioxidant effect.

De-stress Algae Sensitive Treatment

The special extract is gained from the tropical green micro algae "Tetraselmis suecica" which is enriched with gold. It has an extraordinary soothing effect on sensitive skin. Micro algae contain proteins, minerals and trace elements and are therefore found more and more in cosmetic products. Under certain circumstances  they are able to bind to substance like gold. Since ancient times, circumstances  is said to have anti-inflammatory  and conditioning  properties.

Luxurious Grape Energy Treatment

The secret behind these luxurious skincare products are the white and red grapes growing in the Champagne region of France. These grapes contain energy-right substance like polyphenols, bioflavonoids, trace elements and anti-oxidants which make this extract a unique energizer for skin. With the additional ingredient Taurine, these impart new energy to pale and dull looking skin.


White Truffle is not only a very valuable element of gourmet cuisine, but also a very popular anti-aging ingredient in skincare products. Truffles grow deep under the earth without any light, which usually is essential for the growth of plants. In order to compensate for this deficit, the truffle lives in symbiosis with other plants such as shrubs and trees. Through their roots, the truffle absorbs water and a huge amount of valuable minerals, giving it a very high nutrient content. Truffle are said to counter skin’s visible aging process and improve skin elasticity while minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. It also has a toning effect on the connective tissue and hydrates skin. White truffle additionally has a positive effect on skin’s thickness. After an application over 30 days, the so-called “filler effect” helps to increase skin thickness by up to 0,39 mm (evidence of efficiency by Phenbiox). Truffles also help to counteract the appearance of bags under the eyes.

White Truffle Anti-Age Treatment

All facials are $60.00 for 30min and $80.00 for 60min


New client special $70.00 60min